About Slipstream

With an outstanding team of coaches and a rich history of success Slipstream is one of Victoria's premier diving clubs. 


Slipstream is a club that was founded on a love for diving, fun and success. Our driving force for success is enjoyment of the wonderful sport of diving and we want all of our athletes to have a fantastic time whilst enjoying their own individual successes. 

Our club culture is our most important asset, we are extremely confident and proud that it is the best of all clubs within Victoria. For an athlete to become passionate and truly care about their sport and training they must love it. We think that we nurture our athletes in a way that instills a love and passion for the sport of diving that no other club does. Further, the values, drive, determination and grit our athletes learn equip them for life outside of sport, skills which they can use in their life to become successful at whatever they choose. 

Our History

At present, our history is quite a short one, however we have been extremely successful


Slipstream was formed over the dinner table in the Simpson household  in 2010. The formation of the club was to continue the fantastic experience both Simpson boys enjoyed in their teens at their former club Firbank Aquastars.

Both boys experienced extensive success on the podium whilst still enjoying a great training environment with as little pressure as possible and a relaxed training style. The crux of the new club was to create a fun and enjoyable training experience whilst helping all divers blossom into successful athletes on and off the podium.

Initially the club was quite small, with numbers hovering in the mid to high teens and two coaches to carry the load. The club grew quickly after the first two years, with membership doubling and the coach pool expanding in a similar fashion.

Over the journey Slipstream has helped athletes across all ages find medal success at a State, National and International level including one of Australia's first male divers to compete at the FINA High Diving World Championships in 2016.

As of 2017 membership is at a high, the club continues its success at all levels of competition and is looking to expand its membership base. We are also currently consulting with Diving Victoria (Diving's state body) to expand the presence of diving within Victoria.